NFTs Collectors

Find owners of premium NFTs collections.

We make easy to find contact details of the collectors of the best NFTs.


The collection that started it all. The inspiration of the ERC-721 standard and the most valued one.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The metaverse settlers. These apes are conquering the metaverse.


How does it work?

We analyze the blockchain to find verified information of NFT owners.

How to appear as a collector?

Your tokens should be in a wallet with an ENS domain reverse record set and have some text records with contact data available. Having an email, Twitter handle or URL is enough to be shown.

When is the information updated?

We update the data periodically by doing snapshots. Please check the date of the last update of the collection. If you see any problem please contact us.

How to add my NFT collection?

We're open to requests, feel free to send us a request at hello[at] or in Twitter.